Now That You Are Jobless

Walking through life, it all seems like a rat race, from the time of birth, to this very moment, we are always seeking towards something higher than what we previously had or achieved.

We started out crawling as a baby, started walking, for the privileged ones- attended kindergarten, went to primary school, enrolled in secondary school, advanced to tertiary institution and then graduated into the real world. Then after going through all of that, we now venture into the commercial world and ended up ‘JOBLESS’.

The term Jobless in this post does not necessarily mean someone without a Job, but it’s being used as a general term for people that are not exploring close to a quarter of their potentials, you might be employed and be underutilised or not getting the full reward of the work you putting in.

There are a lot of ways to kick you out of the ‘Jobless Zone’, and one of the key ways is motivation. Motivation can be sourced by reading or learning someone’s success story, someone that has passed through similar route you seeking, or just a story of triumph that will make you understand what’s possible when isolated elements are brought together in a ‘functional’ eco-system.

The Nigerian Youth Merit Awards is set to reward and share the success stories of youth in different fields that are making tremendous impact to national economy.

The race to the 2013 event is on, and you can nominate someone or yourself for any of the different award categories.

Hello. I'm Michael Abisuga, online marketing and promotion director for National Youth Merit Awards. My role is essentially IT management, marketing and press, but mostly is to enjoy every detail of this great event.


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