Is Clarence Peters the Most Outstanding Personality in Music? Featured

Clarence Peters Clarence Peters Clarence Peters

Okay, Okay. If you have been around the entertainment scene for a while, am sure Clarence Peters won’t be a stranger to you. We all know him as a video Director; he has been clearing the table of most awards for the best director category over the years, but here is our question - Is Clarence Peters the Most Outstanding Personality in Music? Well, In the Nigerian Youth Merit Awards 2012 edition, Clarence won the award for the Music Category, before you change your facial expression, read on.

Trust me, this is not meant to be a controversial topic, but a sneak view into what the Nigerian Youth Merit Awards pay utmost attention to, in choosing the winner of any of its awards categories. The most paramount judging criteria that forms the main fabric of the choice of the winner of any of the awards categories is the IMPACT the Nominee has made in the industry he/she is nominated. Impact can be a rather vague word, until it is broken down, taking Clarence as an example;

·         When we say impact we mean economic empowerment, the amount of jobs that has been created, people he has trained and mentored that are now on the road to financial freedom, the amount of music artists he has shot excellent music videos for that are now household names in the music industry, the amount of people that are directly employed under his Capital Dreams Pictures, Capital Hill Records etc.

So will Clarence still CLEAR the award for Most Outstanding Personality in Music for the year 2013?

Until we find out, you can nominate someone for any of our awards categories by clicking this link.

Meanwhile, let's hear your view in the comment box below.


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